14 January 2011

The Unwilling Vegan

I think Mark is tiring of my foray into Veganism. Neither of us really want to be cooking two dinners, so he has basically had a vegan dinner every night for the past 14 days. And I think he's missing the meat, eggs, milk and butter in his food. Case in point:
- He questions me when I say I'm going to make cookies - are you going to make real cookies or those "fake" cookies.
- He questions why we bother to even look at the new Food and Wine magazine, lamenting that we'll never be making any of it for dinner.
- I'm going out to meet a friend for dinner and drinks tomorrow night and he is going to stay home, buy himself the biggest steak he can find, maybe wrap it in bacon, grill it, and then enjoy every single bite.
- Tonight he requested to have his own side of the pizza with toppings of his choice - he had no interest in my sweet potato, kale, leek, onion and tofu pizza toppings.

I suppose at the end of January we'll both have to decide if I am going to stick with this vegan thing. It affects him too. I think that we might be able to come to a compromise, as he has really liked a few of the new recipes we've experimented with.

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