02 January 2011

Vegan Day 2

Today is January 2nd and our puppy Miles turned one!

Miles on his first day home

Miles at Thanksgiving

As you can see, age has not shrunk the size of his jowls. They flap when he shakes. We gave Miles a few more treats than usual, including a rawhide bone, gave him an extra long play session with the laser pointer, and tonight, much to the dismay of the cats, he will be allowed to sleep on the bed. Hopefully the cats won't mutiny and destroy our furniture as a result.

Today's two hour run was kind of painful - I'm more sore than I thought I'd be after Friday night's New Year's Eve Fairfax Four Miler race. I ran that race just for fun, completely forgetting my watch, HR monitor, and even my race number belt. I ran completely on feel and ended up finishing in 27:52, a 6:59/mile pace, which I was really happy with and it was MUCH faster than I had thought I'd go. 10th in the 19-29 Age Group and 15th girl overall.

Vegan menu day two:
Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter, steel cut oats with carob chips (note to self, don't eat carob chips before a run, they result in heartburn!)
Lunch: leftovers from dinner last night (Tofu Saag and potato samosas)
Dinner: Veggie quesadillas (black beans, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, vegan mozzarella, and hummus). This dish was always a favorite of mine on Fridays during Lent.

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