03 January 2011

Vegan Day 3... And a promotion!

Today's breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus were basically the same as yesterday's, minus the steel cut oats with carob chips. I feel healthier - most likely because this vegan thing is keeping me away from the Hershey Kiss bowl in the office. And it's not much of a struggle so far, I'm not feeling like I'm missing out on anything yet. I guess I should wait and talk when it's that time of the month, then we'll REALLY see how I feel about missing anything...

In other news, I was promoted - after seven, yes seven, years in the (paid) workforce, I am FINALLY not a junior anymore! I'm excited, not so much about the money, but more so that this will open up doors professionally for me - like doors to other countries. At this level, I can finally be bid on proposals and I'm looking forward to having more responsibilities.

OK, off to a hot date with my husband and Harry Potter (no, not the movies, he's reading Book 7 and I'm reading Book 6. And if he doesn't hurry along with his reading, I'm going to catch up and take Book 7 from him, speed reader that I am).


Catharine said...

Hey Caroline! I just started following your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I am really intrigued by your attempt to go vegan, so keep posting. Hope to see you soon!


Gina said...

Caroline, I've been enjoying your blog as well! I'm also very interested in following your vegan eating. Congrats on the promotion, too! See you at the pool!