06 January 2011

Vegan Day 6

I suppose it's only natural to hit a wall after awhile... Fortunately, mine doesn't seem like it's a tall brick wall staring me in the face, more like an old, crumbling rock wall instead that I can just clamor over. I'm talking about the vegan diet. It's not that I miss the meat or the eggs or the milk; I guess I spoke too soon yesterday when I said I didn't really need alot of variety. Today, even though I was starving, I would've rather stomped on my cucumber, hummus and sprout sandwich on wheat than eat it. It's day 4 in a row that I've eaten that stupid sandwich and I was tired of it. Thankfully, the potato samosas were gone so I didn't have to eat any more of those. Instead I had some leftover sauteed vegetables to compliment the ho-hum sandwich. Breakfast was almost the same, with a little Maypo and almond milk (my last bit of Maypo, sniff sniff... Mom, can you send me more??). I promoted myself up a swim lane this morning (and I'm still alive, hooray!) and was STARVING when I got home. And tonight for dinner we're having gnocchi with red sauce and sauteed veggies. I love gnocchi - I craved it after EVERY long bike ride during IM Florida training in 2009.

Enough about food (can you tell I'm hungry?). I found out last night that my college roommate Melissa went into labor and has hopefully had her son by now (I have my fingers crossed, 24 hours is a LONG time to be in labor). I am now officially the only college roommate from my senior year without a child. Totally fine with me - it's fun to spoil other people's kids.

Training has been going really well; I haven't missed a workout since the day before Christmas Eve. I've been going to bed early and most mornings I am able to get myself up early enough to get a workout in before work. There have been a few weekend mornings that I didn't want to get out of bed to do my long run (most notably the day after Christmas when I sat in bed eating butter rolls until 12:30pm), but I have a little marathon in February that I'd like to be in good shape for. I'd like to qualify for Boston at that race, just in case I decide that I want to run Boston in 2012. It's strange, I haven't run a stand alone marathon since Boston 2009, and I find that I miss the marathons less and less the more immersed I become in doing triathlons. I like the variety of tris and how there are so many different factors that go into making a great race and there is ALWAYS something to improve upon. Maybe I'll find renewed enjoyment in the marathon after next month's race.

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Gina said...

Caroline, good job moving up a lane - I knew you'd do great! It will be good for you! Of course, now I have no one to try to catch up too. Yet...!