05 January 2011

Vegan Day 5

Unfortunately, today's menu was rather boring - basically a carbon copy of yesterday's menu. Cucumber and sprout sandwiches, potato samosas, and butternut squash soup. Tomorrow has pizza on the menu, so that should spice things up a bit! I've never really minded eating the same thing a few days in a row, so the menu repetition isn't wearing on me yet.

I overslept this morning, so that meant to had to get my run in after work. I got one of my work colleagues to go with me - he always has a stash of workout clothes in his office so I knew he'd be game for it. We ran around the mall doing intervals - the workout was more challenging than it looked like it would be on paper. Loved every minute of it!

1 comment:

Amy said...

May I have your recipe for butternut squash soup? Your mom was raving!