04 January 2011

Vegan Day 4... Dog vs. Book

So, over the summer after the debacle that was my run during Ironman France, I decided I needed to get tough. Mentally tough. So I bought a book, "In Pursuit of Excellence" and started reading it. I only managed to get through the first chapter or so before the unthinkable happened. Miles got loose from his kennel one day while I was at work and completely ate my book. Sure, some of the pages were salvageable, but I got alot of odd looks from people as I tried to read the chewed book on the metro.

Fast forward to Christmas and I find a present under the tree for me, supposedly from Miles. I open it and it's a new copy of "In Pursuit of Excellence" - perfect timing for my New Years resolution to mentally toughen up, seeing as I also fell apart during Ironman Wisconsin. I've been reading it on and off since the holiday and leaving it in various places around the house - the kitchen table, the coffee table, etc. Miles has been out of his chew phase, for the most part, minus the occasional Christmas ornament or Christmas tree branch, and he's never stolen anything off of tables. So, imagine my surprise when I hear him chewing something and when I go to investigate, it's my book AGAIN. I rescued it in time though, and it is fully intact, save a few teeth marks here and there. I can open it without the pages falling out and that, my friends, is a victory. And I won't be leaving it on any low-lying coffee tables anytime soon. At least not any time before Miles is old and gray and lost all of his teeth.

Vegan menu day 4:
Breakfast: toast with peanut butter
Mid-morning snack: chocolate, carob chip and almond cookies (2)
Lunch: potato samosas and sandwich with hummus, cucumber and sprouts on whole wheat
Afternoon snacks: banana and an orange
Dinner: butternut squash soup (roasted squash, vegetable broth, onion, sage, apple and cinnamon).
And I made, but haven't eaten yet, pecan-almond coconut balls with carob chips. It's basically pecans, almond butter, maple syrup, dried cranberries, carob chips crushed up in a food processor and rolled in coconut. Sweet but not that bad for you.

Still very happy with this change in eating habits. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything - and I'm definitely feeling healthier (again, probably because I'm staying away from the office chocolate dish).

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