07 January 2010

2010 Race Schedule

I made it to swim practice this morning, I think I can say that I'm on a roll. I also didn't miss a single workout this week (I did cut a swim short and didn't do as much strength training today as I would've liked due to time constraints) and tomorrow is a recovery day! I think I can say that this first week back has been a success. It has been great to be in "training mode" once again. I fall asleep fast at night, I'm STARVING all of the time, my legs, arms, and back have the are slightly sore - but in a good way, and I think I can even say that I'm less crabby. Mark is quite pleased with that.

So, last week my coach and I discussed and set up my 2010 race schedule. I'm not doing close to as many races as I did last year, which is probably a good thing, but I still feel pangs of "Oh, but I want to do that race... and that race... and how about this race" and I think I've started to drive her a little crazy with my daily trickle of e-mails with sly suggestions of how this race might be fun and that race would be a good tune up and I-don't-care-if-I'll-be-tired-I-want-to-do-the-race excuses. No. This year is about quality NOT quantity. And I will continue repeating that to myself every time I see another race I'd like to do.

So, here is the race schedule, in all of it's glory (and subject to modification if I am obnoxiously persistent or sneaky and weasel a few more races onto it... KIDDING!)
- Shamrock 1/2 marathon (March)
- Rumpass in Bumpass Oly triathlon (April)
- Country Music 1/2 Marathon (April)
- Kinetic 1/2 Ironman (May)
- Mountains of Misery (May) (sounds fun, doesn't it??)
- Ironman FRANCE (June)
- Musselman 1/2 Ironman... er... sprint (July) (just trying to see if you're paying attention)
- Ironman WISCONSIN (September)
- Beach2Battleship 1/2 Ironman (November)

And I will sprinkle in some 5Ks, 10Ks, maybe even a 10 miler or two into this schedule. I'd also really like to throw in a marathon sometime in the fall when Ironman Wisconsin is over. If I don't do a marathon, this will be the first year since 2002 that I haven't done a marathon - A bad omen for a new decade in my book! Technically, I will have done two marathons through the Ironman, but Ironman marathons and stand-alone marathons are two totally different beasts. We'll see how the fall goes. Maybe after IM MOO I won't want to see my running shoes for a few months.


Tim said...


The Marine Corps Marathon is on October 31st this year. If that isn't too close to Beach2Battleship Ashley and I would love to see you and Mark out there!

Caroline said...

I've definitely had that one on my mind. Even if I don't run it, I'll be out there cheering you guys on - I think I saw Mark at six different spots during the 2009 race. Besides, we will see you guys that weekend because we have lots of space and want you guys to stay with us!

Good luck with law school. And it sounds like your running is going awesome!