27 January 2010

Bike TT

Today's workout - a 30 minute all-out time-trial on the bike. Fortunately, I got to do this one on the trainer so I didn't have to worry about the dark, falling off my bike, avoiding joggers, avoiding cars, stop signs, and the like... And I did a fabulous job at procrastinating, jumping onto my bike after 9pm - awesome. And, truthfully, like the swim, this TT was less painful than I had been anticipating, both physically and mentally. It wasn't easy, by any stretch, and a few swear words slipped out (nobody was home), but I didn't hate the workout, I was only counting down the minutes a little bit, and it went by relatively quickly. And boy did I get my heart rate up higher than I ever remember getting it - it was in my running zone 4!

During my procrastination stint, I browsed through Dan Hicok's photo gallery from IM Florida - not all of the pictures are up yet, but most of the pre-race and night-before-dinner are up. I found myself getting a little nostalgic about the night before pictures. It was such a great feeling that night - anticipation, excitement, a tiny bit of anxiety and nervousness, and feeling tired yet ready. It was also a beautiful night and the team dinner was at a restaurant right on the water and we had a great view of the sunset. I'm already super excited for IM Wisconsin. And EXACTLY five months from today is IM France!!! I'm so ready for it to be here!

Unfortunately, no good metro stories today. But for your amusement, you should check out this blog - sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com. Somewhat inappropriate material, but it's comical because he's asleep when saying all this inappropriate stuff. "Monkey Power - Straight from the Jungle!"

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