06 January 2010

Pet peeves of public transportation

For the most part, I like the fact that Mark and I only own one car and we live in an area that is conducive to using public transportation. But some days, the little things irk me.

1) The loud cell-phone talker. I do not care if your baby daddy has done you wrong, and I'm sure the rest of the bus passengers don't care either. And if I can hear you yapping above the din of my iPod, you clearly are talking far too loud.

2) Watching the bus fly by as I run to the bus stop. This happens every day. Without fail.

3) Waiting 15-20 minutes for the next bus. And watching about 5 busses go in the opposite direction during that time. It's like the busses going my way get lost in a black hole on the Columbia Pike.

4) Being a magnet for sick people. And if you cough or sneeze, at least cover your mouth. Even five-year-olds know it's bad form to blow germs all over your neighbors.

5) "Incidents" on the metro. This is a fancy way of saying "our trains have broken down again, so please add another 20 minutes to your commute" and "be prepared to pack yourself into the next train like a sardine since we're only running one train every 12 minutes during rush hour."

6) Taking an hour to commute the 4 miles into work. I think it's about time I grab my running shoes and backpack because I can run four miles in far less time than that.

Ahhhh metro.

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