09 January 2010

Quiet Saturday

You know, I always come up with good idea for blog posts when I am nowhere near my computer or the internet. And then I forget them when I log into my blog to write. Tonight is totally one of those nights. Training today was fine, uneventful (always a good thing when there is snow and ice on the ground), I ran 8 miles which is the furthest I've run since Ironman and my legs aren't terribly sore. The plyometrics at the end kind of kicked my rear (literally - butt-kicks), but it is allllll for a good cause. And I'm just really happy and excited to be back out training.

So this weekend Mark and I managed to watch two good movies that we both really enjoyed. (500) Days of Summer and Up in the Air. There was nothing specifically spectacular about them - no major action scenes, no drool-worthy actors, but the dialogue in both were really witty, the characters were easy to identify with, they all seemed real. And both movies made you think - I really like it when movies make you think. So, in terms of movie-watching, a very successful weekend.

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