12 January 2010

3 Miles to the Pentagon

So last night I met up with a few co-workers for happy hour. I can't even remember the last time I went to happy hour. It was great to catch up with everyone, but in the midst of catching up, I somehow managed to down four drinks... ooops. Double oops because I'm a lightweight and four drinks is more than sufficient to send me on my way. Triple ooops because I had swim practice the next morning. I did manage to get to swim practice on time, feeling just fine, but I think that will be the last Monday night happy hour where I actually drink alcohol in any amount.

Swim was good, I'm really happy to be back in the pool.
Tonight I also had a run on my schedule, on hilly terrain. Fortunately, the area to where Mark and I just moved has a fair amount of hills. I decided that I would run a straight shot down the street I normally take on the bus to get to the Pentagon Metro station. And I discovered, with the help of my trusty GPS, that we literally live just three miles away. AND it took me less time to run there than it takes me to ride the stinkin bus during rush hour. I think I'll be running or biking to work when the weather is warmer and the icy patches are fewer. My favorite part of the run, however, was when I was just coming up to the top of the last hill and I got a great nighttime view of Washington - the Air Force Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon, the Capitol - it was gorgeous.

Bedtime again - I have a date with the bike trainer at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning!

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