05 January 2010

I made it, I MADE IT!!

I made it to the pool this morning. I demoted myself down a lane since it's been... ohhhhh... about two months since I last went to swim practice. I surprised myself at how well I accomplished not drowning... it actually felt... nice... nice to be back in the pool. I even managed to keep up (but perhaps my lanemates have also taken time off, and thus I really wasn't going as fast as I felt like I was going). I need to start wearing a watch to the pool so I can start to figure out how fast I am swimming. All said, I did 2000 yds in about 50 minutes.

Tonight's workout was a run. For much of the day I went back and forth between excitement about the run (it feels great to be working out) and dread about the run (it's freezing cold). I got home from work, took my sweet time in eating a snack, checking facebook, getting bundled up for the run. I think I managed to waste a good hour (sigh, if only procrastination was a career - I would definitely find myself in a league of my own). But of course, once I got out for my run, I enjoyed myself, despite the cold, the wind, and my runny nose. And even though my legs are still tingling from the cold and my rear end is still numb 30 minutes after I arrived back home and bundled up in warm pajamas, I'm still really glad I went out and ran.

And, by the way, my voracious appetite is back. It is back with a vengeance. I brought enough food into work today to feed a small army and it STILL wasn't enough. Lord I love triathlon training!

One more thing, my best friend Erin and my best friend Katie had their significant others deploy in the past few days. Keep Ashley and Kevin in your thoughts - wishing them a safe and speedy return!

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